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balloons & accessories

Latex balloon holder 
A great way to fly balloons without using helium!!

This reusable, unique plastic and fiberglass pole allows balloons filled with only air to fly at the same height. Think of the money and hassles you will save by eliminating the use of helium. the balloon holder attaches to a vehicle's window via a window clip. 

  • Designed for different balloon sizes 16", 17", or 20" balloons are recommended
  • Pole and balloon cup are 36 1/2" tall. one piece design
  • Sold individually

17 inch latex balloons 
Comes in a variety of colors.
Also available in smiley face

Latex balloons 
Outdoor quality helium balloons - perfect for car dealerships!

  • Bright moving colors,high quality latex balloons
  • Decorate your sales area
  • Packaged per gross, (144) multi color
  • 20" balloons also available in standard color solid bags
  • Round balloons available in these sizes: 9", 11", 17" and 20"
  • Special assortments available in 20" round: Red, White and blue

Reusable balloon and holder kit 

​Finally, a way to eliminate the cost of helium and short term latex balloons! These innovative vinyl balloons and holders will last months, not days. 

  • Two piece holder with quick turn release allows easy separation from the window clip.
  • Each kit includes a reusable balloon, one balloon adapter clip and a two piece reinforced balloon holder
  • Giant 20" reusable vinyl balloons
  • Clip on car window holders 30" tall and made of fiberglass and reinforced plastic
  • Balloon adapter lip is necessary to attach balloon to holder
  • Parts sold separately