Adhesive floor mat

Although perfect for your service department, these adhesive 3 mil. thick plastic floor mats are great for your new and used car departments. Put these floor mats in every vehicle you are selling, virtually eliminating expensive and unnecessary reconditioning. Aggressive adhesive makes these floor mats adhere to a vehicle's carpets, keeping them in showroom condition by providing excellent protection against grime, water and dirt due to repetitive entries from numerous test drives and sales or lot personnel. If necessary, easy to cut to fit. 

200 ft 4 mil.

Carpeted floor mats 
4 piece carpet mat set.  Variety of colors and styles available.

Paper floor mats

Economical - perfect for everyday use!
Waterproof Paper with embossed texture helps keep moisture and soil in place! Bottom coated for premium protection.


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Mask attack adhesive spray 
‚ÄčSpecially formulated adhesion promoter for carpet film. Creates a removable adhesive coating that allows that allows a strong bond with carpet & upholstery. Clear with instant tack and low soak in.